Mary Draves brings business, ag experience to bid for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District seat

Former Dow Chemical Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Mary Draves has been named a “Friend of Agriculture” by Michigan Farm Bureau’s AgriPac, which is endorsing her candidacy for Michigan’s 8th Congressional district.

“Farmers are an essential part of our nation's economy — they feed the world,” Draves said. “I understand and appreciate their value to the economy of my community and believe it is my responsibility to work with their farmers and represent their interests in Washington.”

Among the major reasons Draves cited for seeking Congressional office are ensuring energy independence for America to lower prices at the gas pump, stopping the federal government from trampling businesses by overregulation, and securing our nation’s borders to stop the flow of illegal immigration and drugs.

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Michigan Voters Have Already Rejected Paul Junge. Twice. 

In an effort to fool voters who have already rejected him at the ballot box, twice, Paul Junge's out-of-state trust fund pays for not one but two push polls in MI-08. Paul likes to spend his parent’s money to make himself feel better about who is best suited to represent this district, Mary Draves.

The Draves campaign formally launched less than a month ago. In that time, over 75% of Junge’s campaign spending from his trust fund has been spent attacking her. Why? Draves is the strongest Republican candidate MI-08 has ever seen.

"I’ve only been running TV ads for less than a month and my opponents' tactics tell me one thing: I am a force to be reckoned with. I might be new to politics but I know enough to know this poll is just a snapshot in time- one that has no bearing on the next 60 days, and one that doesn’t display the fact that Michigan voters have rejected Paul Junge twice," Draves stated.

In less than a month, Mary Draves has increased her approval with Republicans across the district by 10 points, and while her opponent continues to light his self-funded trust-fund war chest on fire, doing little to quash the grassroots support Draves for Congress is receiving throughout Mid-Michigan. As voters have the opportunity to hear about Mary, her position on the ballot will only grow stronger.

Paul Junge is a carpet bagger who doesn’t know the district, doesn’t know the voters, doesn’t invest here, has never held a job here, and continues to be the wrong fit for Mid-Michigan voters. 


Michigan Republican Mary Daves Endorses Donald Trump for President

Mary Draves is a lifelong Michigander, wife, mother, local businesswoman.

Today, conservative businesswoman and job creator, Mary Draves, announced her endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States. Mary is the first and only candidate in Michigan's 8th Congressional District to endorse President Trump.

"Today I am proud to welcome President Trump to the great state of Michigan. When President Trump led our country, inflation was low, the border was closed, there was peace in our world, gas was around $2.00 per gallon, and our economy benefited from policies that empowered small business owners and fostered innovation. The government worked for the American people and its actions supported the American Dream - not crush it. Simply put, our children had hope for their future.

"I know how fortunate I have been to experience the American Dream. I also know that as a member of Congress, it will be my responsibility to provide the next generation with those same opportunities I have been afforded. With President Trump in the White House and a strong republican majority in Congress, I know we can experience this dream once again.

"Results matter to me and that is why I am endorsing Donald Trump for President. I hope you will do the same." - Mary Draves, Republican candidate for Michigan's 8th Congressional District