Michigan Voters Have Already Rejected Paul Junge. Twice. 

June 5, 2024

In an effort to fool voters who have already rejected him at the ballot box, twice, Paul Junge's out-of-state trust fund pays for not one but two push polls in MI-08. Paul likes to spend his parent’s money to make himself feel better about who is best suited to represent this district, Mary Draves.

The Draves campaign formally launched less than a month ago. In that time, over 75% of Junge’s campaign spending from his trust fund has been spent attacking her. Why? Draves is the strongest Republican candidate MI-08 has ever seen.

"I’ve only been running TV ads for less than a month and my opponents' tactics tell me one thing: I am a force to be reckoned with. I might be new to politics but I know enough to know this poll is just a snapshot in time- one that has no bearing on the next 60 days, and one that doesn’t display the fact that Michigan voters have rejected Paul Junge twice," Draves stated.

In less than a month, Mary Draves has increased her approval with Republicans across the district by 10 points, and while her opponent continues to light his self-funded trust-fund war chest on fire, doing little to quash the grassroots support Draves for Congress is receiving throughout Mid-Michigan. As voters have the opportunity to hear about Mary, her position on the ballot will only grow stronger.

Paul Junge is a carpet bagger who doesn’t know the district, doesn’t know the voters, doesn’t invest here, has never held a job here, and continues to be the wrong fit for Mid-Michigan voters. 


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