Michigan Republican Mary Daves Endorses Donald Trump for President

May 1, 2024

Mary Draves is a lifelong Michigander, wife, mother, local businesswoman.

Today, conservative businesswoman and job creator, Mary Draves, announced her endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States. Mary is the first and only candidate in Michigan's 8th Congressional District to endorse President Trump.

"Today I am proud to welcome President Trump to the great state of Michigan. When President Trump led our country, inflation was low, the border was closed, there was peace in our world, gas was around $2.00 per gallon, and our economy benefited from policies that empowered small business owners and fostered innovation. The government worked for the American people and its actions supported the American Dream - not crush it. Simply put, our children had hope for their future.

"I know how fortunate I have been to experience the American Dream. I also know that as a member of Congress, it will be my responsibility to provide the next generation with those same opportunities I have been afforded. With President Trump in the White House and a strong republican majority in Congress, I know we can experience this dream once again.

"Results matter to me and that is why I am endorsing Donald Trump for President. I hope you will do the same." - Mary Draves, Republican candidate for Michigan's 8th Congressional District


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