Mary Draves on the Issues

Economy, Inflation, Taxes

Record prices at the gas pump, out-of-control government spending, and a tax system that squeezes the middle class have left Americans worse off today than they were four years ago. It costs more to go out to eat, put groceries on the table, and fill the gas tank than it ever has in my life, and it is all due to the extreme policies of Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer. “I will be contrary to the out-of-control spending and the Californication of Michigan. I will bring my life experience - from small business owner to executive level leadership- to Washington, D.C. Democrats have ignored us in Michigan for too long and it's time to demand a change.”


The Farming way of life has a rich heritage in Michigan, but Joe Biden’s failed foreign and economic policies are making it harder for independent farmers to succeed. Global instability, stoked and mishandled by the Biden Administration, has led to an increasing level of economic uncertainty for the agricultural industry. Mary has been extremely active in the agricultural community, from growing up on a dairy farm to recently being nominated to the 4-H Emerald Clover Society. Mary will reinvest in the American farmer and continue supporting the next generation of agricultural leaders.

2nd Amendment

Mary is a gun owner and has been trained and licensed to carry a gun in the State of Michigan since 2016. Mary's family enjoys hunting and target shooting. Mary firmly believes it is the right of every American to keep and bear arms, legally.

Immigration & Border Crisis

In just four years, Joe Biden has DOUBLED the number of illegals crossing the southern border allowing more than 20 million illegal immigrants into our country. Radical Liberal Governor Gretchen Whitmer has adopted policies to provide many of these illegal immigrants subsidized housing in Michigan. Who is paying for this? You are. With a strained economy, rising crime, and countless opioid deaths, this sort of reckless governance must be stopped. That's why Mary supports the construction of a border wall, the Remain in Mexico policy, and the restoration of common sense to our immigration process that puts America First.


China is America’s greatest political, economic, and military threat. From direct military action in the South China Sea to meddling in American elections, China has proven time and again to be an enemy to democracy. Mary will take direct and decisive action to ensure that China’s expansion is contained and protect American interests at home and abroad.

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